Sunday, September 23, 2007

We rely upon truckers to bring us almost everything we need to survive in the modern world. These trucks are visible every day, and we never seem to have a problem with the idea of going to the store to buy what they bring us, but these trucks have to rest when their drivers do, and that means they have to park somewhere.

Laws have been enacted to keep big rigs from parking in residential areas, from parking almost anywhere it seems. Drivers get ticketed with overnight parking when all they want to to is go home and rest before going and fetching us some more junk to clutter our lives and fill our need to "buy" just about anything and everything.

They get no thanks, and it is a spit in the face to ticket them when they park in unused, empty parking lots, even when they have the property owners PERMISSION to do so.

I see no problem with a big rig parking overnight in a privately owned commercial parking lot between say 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., as long as they are not visible from a residential neighborhood, are not obstructing traffic, and are not idling all night.

I see no reason why a truck driver can't park in his own driveway of his own home at night between the same hours as long it is ON his property, and not on the street, and the streets of his neighborhood are wide and strong enough to support the weight of his truck.

These drivers work just like the rest of us, and often work hard, and are vital to our economy. They deserve to be left alone if they are not hurting anyone. If a police officer can bring his car home and park it on the street, and a landscaper or contractor can bring his trailer home and have it in his yard, then why can't a trucker bring his tractor home to sleep? I by no means think bringing the trailer home too is okay. That IS too much, and as long as the driver has a safe place like I described to park his trailer overnight, then why shouldn't his tractor, which is not much bigger than most pick-up trucks and smaller than personal RV's and boats on trailers, can't park in his own yard.

The only requirement would be that it must be off the street, and that the streets are rated for the weight of the truck.

I hereby suggest that where private property owners will allow trucks and trailers, and by this I mean tractors, trailers, and both together, to park overnight, and as long as they do not restrict the flow of traffic and are not visible to a residential dwelling, that parking areas be assigned and allowed. The Police can insure an area is acceptable for overnight parking of rigs, and they can be outlined with green or orange "Box" lines, within which they may legally park.

I hereby ask City Council to introduce a bill and approve an ordinance allowing overnight parking by big rigs as long as conditions such as these are met.

I can be reached at 904-781-9473 or email at

Skot David Wilson